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The New Normal

"IF I Could have a Beer With Jesus"???

Is the End Near?

Just Preach Jesus

Repent and be Converted

Homosexuality and Same-Sex Marriage

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Summer Sins - What Are You Doing?

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"What must I Do to be Saved?"

Content but not Content

Am I Selfish

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God loves a cheerful giver

The Other Side of Separation

Warning - Hell is Real

Everyone is Talking - Comments on an article written by Kent Heaton

Observations about the Failed Predictions of Harold Camping

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Mind your manners

Longsuffering of God

 I'm Adopted

 Does it Matter What We Wear? Making the case for proper dress when we worship God.

Past, Present, FUTURE

Past, PRESENT, Future

 PAST, Present, Future

Not Unequally Yoked


It IS About Me

 Go Ahead  and Do What You Want to Do

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