The following 4 sermons were presented in May and June, 2009 because of concerns over a growing movement that is a danger to the pure gospel of Christ.  The danger lies in a concept that effectively waters down the "whole counsel of God" in favor of appealing to the desires and wisdom of men.  May we NEVER dilute the word or God or His church just so that we can attract the masses.

The Community Church 1 -  Addresses the background and history of this movement, churches founded by men and what is the appeal of the churches (and the TRUE church).    LISTEN-MP3

The Community Church 2 - Addresses the thrill of worship (making it about entertainment), Casual attitudes, being "non-judgmental", & what and when should the church preach.    LISTEN-MP3

The Community Church 3 - Why I am Concerned.  Reasons for concern about this movement include: The danger of good intentions; A desire to be like the nations around us; Are we losing our distinction?; Are we ashamed of the church of Christ?; A willingness to water down the gospel to reach more.  LISTEN-MP3

The Community Church 4 - The Dangers of the Social Gospel.   LISTEN-MP3