The following lessons are a compilation of lessons presented at Rose Avenue Church of Christ and put together for a series of lessons to be presented at Gospel Meetings.
The theme  of this series is some concerns I have with brethren who are willing to compromise to be more like some denominations that seem to be successful.

(NOTE: The MP3 files and Powerpoints below are from the presentation of this series at the BuenaVentura Church of Christ in Santa Paula, CA.)

What True Gospel Preaching Consists of                      MP3            PowerPoint

Is God's Pattern for His Church Sufficient?                  MP3            PowerPoint

The Community Church Movement                              MP3            PowerPoint

The Positive Preaching Movement                                MP3            PowerPoint

Worship Designed to Please Man                                    MP3            PowerPoint

The House Church Movement                                        MP3            PowerPoint

The Social Gospel                                                                 MP3            PowerPoint

So What? (Aka, Why I Am So Concerned)                  MP3            PowerPoint