Below you will find select lessons recorded in MP3, including meetings from our gospel meetings since we started recording in this format.   Just right click on the sermon and save it to your computer.  Come back often, as more will be added on a regular basis. 
For the past few years we have recorded all our lessons, so if you see a sermons that is not listed below contact us and may be able to accommodate your request.    If you experience problems, please contact me
.  Thank you, Thomas Thornhill

Some  Lessons Also Have PowerPoint Shows Associated With them.  Click the word PowerPoint and it will take you to the presentation. 
 Download 2007 PowerPoint Viewer Her

Study of Islam - 7 Lesson   (Listed with each lesson).

Psalm 69
Psalm 70
Psalm 71
Psalm 72

NEW Called Christians

NEW What Crucified Jesus?

NEW Is it Enough to be Religious?

NEW The Effective Working Word

THE COMMUNITY CHURCH MOVEMENT.  A series of lessons presented in 2009 about a movement that is one of the fastest growing trends right now.  4 Lessons.
Part 1 - Background
Part 2 - Doctrinal Concerns
Part 3 - Why I Am So Concerned.  Why is this a big deal.
Part 4 - The Social Gospel

Institutionalism - Part 1    Part 2

Can Churches Cooperate?

Unity - Can't We All Just Get Along?  Click Here - Completed list of sermons

Psalm 61
Psalm 62
Psalm 63

Study of God Series (19 Lessons), 5 in MP3 -
Tough Questions 1,
Tough Questions 2,
Tough Questions3
How Does God Work Today?
How Should I Respond To God?

 Fruit Worthy of Repentance (1)

Fruit Worthy of Repentance (2)

Fruit Worthy of Repentance (3)

Fruit Worthy of Repentance (4)

Are You a Member of the United Church of Christ?
  A lesson describing why we are NOT affiliated with the UCC denomination.

Personal Evangelism.  A lesson intended to establish the fact that we are expected to engage in Personal Evangelism.

Barnabas, Son of Encouragement.  Lessons from a godly leader.

Courage, a need that we all have as Christians.

The Proper use of the Tongue 1.  We need to properly use our tongues.  It is a blessing from God.

The POSITIVE Proper Use of the Tongue 2.  Using our tongues to praise God, edify, etc.

The NEGATIVE, Proper Use of the Tongue 3.  Using our tongues to rebuke, expose false doctrine, etc.

Can we really count on the Bible?  This lesson addresses the reliability of the New Testament that we have.

The Da Vinci Code and Christians.  An examination of the recent movie and best selling book.  OUTLINE available

What Jesus Thought of The Word of God  How Jesus used the Old Testament in His teachings.  

Learning When to Criticize.  How do we know when we should criticize?  OUTLINE available 

The Tongue 2 - A study of James 3:1-12.  Part of a series found at Sermons on the Tongue

Acceptable Prayer. A lesson dealing some things necessary for prayer to be acceptable.  Outline coming soon.

Thinking About Our Brethren.  A lesson taken from part of Romans 14

The Three Crosses.  Examining the Three Crosses in Luke 23.

Making Your Call and Election Sure - 1.  3 things you can do to help you be assured of your salvation.

Making Your Call and Election Sure - 2.  2 more things you can do to help you be assured of your salvation.

Listen to sermons from the Psalms.  An ongoing series of lessons about the psalms.  Some are recorded.

SERIES: Spiritual Indicators

Spiritual Indicators.  What are spiritual indicators and why do we need them?

Communicating With God.  How Bible Study and Prayer can help us know where we stand  before God.

What Am I Saying? A lesson addressing how controlling our tongues can help us see where we stand before God.

What Do My Brethren Mean To Me? The church and our brethren need to be important to us.  Are they?

What Is Most Important To Me? What influences us most as we live our lives from day to day?

How Much Do I Care About Others? The Christian life is about serving others.  Do we?



Sermons by Brandon Hathaway: October 4-9, 2015

Man's Word vs. God's Doctrine Sunday, 10:50  am Listen PP
Man vs. God on Creation Sunday,   6:00 pm Listen PP
Man vs. God's Idea for Growth of the Church Monday,  7:30 pm Listen PP
Man vs. God - Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage Tuesday, 7:30 pm Listen PP
Man vs. God's Plan to be Saved Wednesday, 7:30 pm Listen PP
Man vs. God on Every Day Life Thursday, 7:30 pm Listen PP
Man vs. God on the End of Time Friday, 7:30 pm Listen PP


Sermons by Joshua Thornhill: April 12-17, 2015

Learning True Discipleship
Title Date MP3 PP Word Html
What is Discipleship? 4/12/15 Listen PP Word Html
Looking to Jesus 4/12/15 Listen PP Word Html
The Disciple and Himself 4/13/15 Listen PP Word Html
The Disciple and his Lord 4/14/15 Listen PP Word Html
The Disciple and his Brethren 4/15/15 Listen PP Word Html
The Disciple and the World 4/16/15 Listen PP Word Html
What If Everyone Were Just Like Me? 4/25/14 Listen PP Word Html

Sermons by Donald Brady: October 19-24, 2014

Who Needs Jesus? Sunday,  10:50 AM   Listen  PP 
Lessons Learned from the Disobedience of Moses and Aaron Sunday, 6 PM   Listen  PP 
Is It Worthwhile Being a Christian? Monday, 7:30 PM   Listen   PP 
Do We Need Scriptural Authority for Every Thing We Do? (with clarificatioin) Tuesday, 7:30 PM   Listen  PP 
The Error of Misplaced Values Wednesday, 7:30 PM   Listen  PP 
Holy Spirit Baptism vs. Water Baptism Thursday, 7:30 PM   Listen  PP 
The Day of the Lord Friday, 7:30 PM   Listen  PP 

Sermons by Daniel Duvall: April 20-25, 2014

Title Date MP3 PP
Waiting for Lunch 4/20/14 Listen View
Good News, Public or Private? 4/20/14 Listen View
Starting From Scratch 4/21/14 Listen View
Everything is Going to Be Ok 4/22/14 Listen View
Learning From Jonah 4/23/14 Listen View
Lost and Found 4/24/14 Listen View
Fearless Faith 4/25/14 Listen View

Sermons by Randall Duvall: October 13-18, 2013

Title Date MP3 PP
Why Are We Not Converting More? 10/13/13 Listen View
The Narrow Way 10/13/13 Listen View
Can You Be Trusted Alone with God? 10/14/13 Listen View
For Such a Time as This 10/15/13 Listen View
Can the Put Away- Put Away? 10/16/13 Listen View
The Spiritual Anatomy of a Christian 10/17/13 Listen View
Contending for the Faith 10/18/13 Listen View

Sermons by Brian Haines: April 7-12, 2013.  Click Here

The Gospel According to Barabbas Html MP3 PP Word
Covenant Theology Html MP3 PP Word
The Transfiguration Html MP3 PP Word
Christian Atheism Html MP3 PP Word
The Devil's Battle Plan Html MP3 PP Word
The Wages of Sin Html MP3 PP Word
The One True Church Html MP3 PP Word

Sermons by Jack Critchfield, October 7-12, 2012

Walking in the Light 10/7/12 am MP3 PP
Preparing for the Storm 10/7/12 pm MP3 PP
Anxiety about eternity 10/8/12 MP3 PP
Positive Spiritual Attitudes 10/9/12 MP3 PP
Rekindling the Fire 10/10/12 MP3 PP
The Problem of Religious Division 10/11/12 MP3 PP
The Unchanging Christ in a Changing World 10/12/12 MP3 PP


Sermons by Dennis Ross, Presented March 11-16, 2012

"The Lord is My Shepherd" - Psalm 23 - Dennis Ross 3/11/12 MP3 PP
 "The Lord is My Shepherd" (2) -Psalm 23 - Dennis Ross 3/11/12 MP3 PP
 The Uncompromising Religion - Dennis Ross 3/12/12 MP3 PP
 A Cross to Bear - Dennis Ross 3/13/12 MP3 PP
 Where a Mind Leads - Dennis Ross 3/14/12 MP3 PP
 Does It Really Matter? - Dennis Ross 3/15/12 MP3 PP
 Tough Decisions 3/16/12 MP3 PP

Sermons by David Baker, Presented October 2-7, 2011

Here are the scheduled topics
Sunday. 10:50 AM                    What Kind of Preaching?        LISTEN
Sunday, 6:00 PM                                  The Four Lepers        LISTEN
Monday, 7:30 PM                   The Ideal Church Member         LISTEN
Tuesday, 7:30 PM                           The Bond of Peace          LISTEN
Wednesday, 7:30 PM                                 God - He Is!         LISTEN
Thursday, 7:30 PM                 Mountains Jesus Climbed         LISTEN
Friday, 7:30 PM                             Why Did Jesus Die?



Sermons by Bart Campbell, Presented April 3-8, 2011

Sunday AM     The Personality of the Holy Spirit

Sunday PM    The Complete Revelation of the Gospel of Christ

Monday         Hear

Tuesday        Believe

Wednesday   Repent

Thursday       Confess



Sermons by Danny Gardner, Presented October 10-15, 2010

Sunday AM    "What is Your Life?"- A Time for Showing Our Faith Through Trials (JS. 4:14; 2:18; 1:2)

Sunday PM
   Go Make Disciples and Teach Them (Matthew 28:19-20; 2 Tim 3:7)

Our God Is Able (Daniel 3:17

Remembering The Resurrection (Romans 1:3-5)

The Roman Road To Salvation (Romans 1:16-17)

      Grace Vs. Works (Eph. 2:8-9; James 2:17)

           There's A Great Day Coming (Acts 17:31)


Man’s Dilemma and God’s Answer

A series of Bible lessons presented by
Steven Saunders,  April 25-30, 2010

What is ‘The Flesh’?”                                 Listen    PowerPoint
“The Nature of the Flesh”
                         Listen    PowerPoint
  “What is Truth?”                                       Listen    PowerPoint
“2 Men, 2 Directions”
                                 Listen    PowerPoint
“Christ in the Flesh”
                                   Listen    PowerPoint
“Which Church is my ‘Church’?”
          Listen    PowerPoint
“How to Stop Sinning”
                             Listen    PowerPoint


Brian Yeager, Gospel Meeting, October 11-16, 2009

Being Receptive to the Truth, Sunday AM

Are You A Book, Chapter and Verse People?, Sunday PM

Did You Just Get Wet? Monday

How Do You View Fellowship? Tuesday

The Local Church is a Family Wednesday

"Put That On Mine Account" (A Study of Philemon) Thursday

The Truth On Some False Doctrines Friday


James Hamilton, Our Gospel Meeting, April 5-10, 2009

Beholding Jesus, 2 Corinthians 3     PowerPoint

A Biblical Example of How To Study the Bible, Hebrews 7    PowerPoint

Worship Must Reflect Spiritual Reality, John 4:24    PowerPoint

Know the Hope of Your Calling, Ephesians    PowerPoint

Fan the Flames, 2 Timothy   PowerPoint

The Temptations of Jesus, Luke 4   PowerPoint

God is Calling You, Hebrews 3-4    PowerPoint


Tom Roberts, Our Gospel Meeting, September 21-26, 2008

Renewing Your Minds, Introduction    PowerPoint

Renewing Your Minds For The Next Generation  PowerPoint

Renewing Your Minds - Baptism  PowerPoint

Renewing Your Minds - Morals    PowerPoint

Renewing Your Minds - Social Drinking    PowerPoint

Renewing Your Minds - Unity   PowerPoint

Renewing Your Minds - The Church     PowerPoint


Joe Price, Our Gospel Meeting, April 20-25, 2008

Worldliness - A Challenge to our Faith

Overcoming Worldliness,                                 PowerPoint

Overcoming Worldliness, Immodest Clothing    PowerPoint

Overcoming Worldliness, Modern Dancing        PowerPoint 

Overcoming Worldliness, Fornication                 PowerPoint

Overcoming Worldliness, Pornography              PowerPoint

Overcoming Worldliness, Gambling                    PowerPoint

Overcoming Worldliness, Alcohol and Drugs     PowerPoint


Dennis Scroggins in our Gospel Meeting, October 2007

What is Jehosephat Doing in the House of Ahab?

How Shall the Old Secure Their Hearts?

The Fear of Hell

Do you have to be Baptized to Be Saved

Following the 3 Fs

Is Marriage for Life?

Will the Devil Ask for You?


Micky Galloway, Our Gospel Meeting, May 20-25, 2007 - Completed

Hold the Tradition, Micky Galloway, Sunday, May 20, 2007 am

Taming the Tongue, Micky Galloway, Sunday, May 20, 2007 pm

The Promise, Micky Galloway, Monday, May 21, 2007

The Gospel Changes Men, Micky Galloway, Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Spiritual Man, Wednesday, Micky Galloway, May 23, 2007

Commitment to Family, Thursday, Micky Galloway, May 24, 2007

What shall the End Be?, Friday, Micky Galloway, May 25, 2007


Dennis Ross, Our GOSPEL MEETING - October 2006

Respect, Dennis Ross.  Presented, Sunday, October 1, 2006 am

Hope, Dennis Ross.  Presented, Sunday, October 1, 2006 pm

Seest Thou This Woman? Presented, Monday, October 2, 2006

Why Christians Suffer, Presented, Tuesday, October 3, 2006

The Wise Man has the Power.  Presented, Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Is Your Church Necessary for Salvation?  Presented, Thursday, October 5, 2006

The Looking Christian.  Presented, Friday, October 6, 2006


Bob Dodson, May 2006, Our GOSPEL MEETING 

8 Reasons to Evangelize, Bob Dodson

The Power of My Influence, Bob Dodson

What is Your Spiritual Address? Bob Dodson

Judgment Day, Fact or Fiction? Bob Dodson