First principles are subjects that are foundational to our faith.  They are the basics upon which we learn what we must do to be saved, to stay saved and to grow.  Hebrews 6:1
Title Date Html MP3 PP
First Principles Introduced 8/4/19 Html MP3 PP
By What Are We Saved? 9/1/19 Html MP3 PP
Surveying the Cross 10/6/19 Html MP3 PP
Why Be Baptized? 11/3/19 Html MP3 PP
How Can we Disobey God? 12/1/19 Html MP3 PP
Why Should I Consider the Church of Christ? 1/5/20 Html MP3 PP
What Changes at Conversion? 1/5/20 Html MP3 PP
Can a Child of God Lose His Salvation? 2/2/20 Html MP3 PP
All Scriputre 3/1/20 Html MP3 PP
Confessing Christ 6/7/20 Html MP3 PP
What The Bible Can Do For You 9/6/20 Html MP3
Why Do I Need Jesus? 10/4/20 Html MP3
Why Should I Be Baptized? 10/25/20 Html MP3 PP
What Jesus Did Not Do 1/3/21 Html MP3 PP